Rossignol BC 120

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Rossignol BC 120

Post by Inspiredcapers » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:08 pm

I finally feel comfortable with giving TT a review regarding the Rossignol BC 120.

The set up I have is the BC 120 ski, Voile Switchback X2 binding, a choice of 2 boots (Garmont Libero 2 buckle, Garmont 3 buckle VooDoo 75’s). The skins I’ve been using are Nordica High Trails that fit perfectly on this ski (sometimes a person lucks out).

The skis are 182’s and they have a 120/86/108 profile, and weigh around 4.5 pounds before bindings are put on, this is what MEC has to say about them...

These solid skis make great touring partners. The wood and air core with full metal edges are designed to inspire confident descents. They'll suit backcountry enthusiasts who split their time both on- and off-piste skiing.
• Low-density wood core with large air channels provides lightweight, durable and sturdy off-trail performance.
• Rossitop Cap construction keeps the skis lively, and allows tips and tails to float over bumps.
• Generous sidecut and modest tip rocker allows control in a range of conditions.
• Full-length steel edges for control on and off piste.
• P5000 Base takes clear sintered waxable bases

...what I’ve got to say is that they’re lightweight FUN! I’ve used them in powder, I’ve used them on crust, I’ve used them on wind blown, I’ve used them on groomers, I’ve used them on ice, I’ve used them on heavy n’ all situations they felt responsive and controllable.
-regarding powder, nice float and easy to keep the tips up whether it was a few inches or up to my thighs.
-regarding crust, they didn’t skitter around, broke through just enough that there was no porpoising, easy to get the tips up.
-regarding windblown, didn’t chatter on crusty crap, floated on powdery stuff.
-regarding groomers at the local ski hill- Holy Shit, I did a few TeleTurns :). Seriously though, easy to control, eased through moguls (handled jump turns effortlessly) and responded to all I could toss at them.
-regarding ice, I hate ice with a deep and abiding passion. Just like any other ski I scraped, went slow, and sought better conditions as soon as possible.
-regarding heavy n’ wet, it’s always work in this kinda stuff but I didn’t feel like the skis were trying to get away from me...if I need to change direction they respond.

Picture I posted in a thread when I first started using them...

Didn’t have the Garmont VooDoo 75s when I took this picture...

Picture from today. It’s not really noticeable but the “wax pocket” I’ve been using is approximately the orange section seen on the side profile of the ski. I’ve been able to get an acceptable kick n’ glide going UPHILL and on trails on these. A cross country ski they’re not but I’m definitely not plodding along like I do with the skins on!

I’m pretty satisfied with my BC 120’s. As I delve into kick waxing I’m finding even more versatility with them.

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