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Alfa Overtrekkstovel- Overboot

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:10 pm
by lilcliffy
These thingies are AMAZING.
Light as a frackin feather.
Roll up in your pack smaller than the sack of cheese and sausage/jerky.
Slide over my 42-43EU boots like a glove.
Retain heat and insulate from the cold glacial ground.
Lace up and can actually tromp around the campfire and picnic.
With these on over my touring boots, my insulated bibs over my touring pants, and my down jacket over my touring jacket- I could settle down in a snow nest for an extended snooze- just like a ruffed grouse.
-24 to -28C at dawn every day this week and I have been out there to meet it on my Gamme with Alfa Guard and these overboots tucked away in my pack.