Book Review: 'Adirondack Trail Skier'

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Book Review: 'Adirondack Trail Skier'

Postby MikeK » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:40 pm

I can't really say it much better than Phil: ... more-50322

I own both the books he is talking about, and yes this one is more sparse and requires you to be a bit more adventurous. I've found a few errors in mileage of stuff I knew well, but some are also cross-referenced in other books and plastered on the internet, so hardly a major concern.

The best part of this book is the ENTIRE Jackrabbit trail. I didn't have a reference for the northern portion and this book covers it, albeit not in very much detail - enough though for someone who just wants to know where to park, where to cross roads and how far to the next section. If I ever find the time to ski the whole trail point-to-point, start-to-finish, this book will be in my pack.

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