7tm Power Tour's & extra plates $175

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7tm Power Tour's & extra plates $175

Postby phoenix » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:58 pm

As their name suggests, these are the 7tm's with an easy switch to tour mode, and a more responsive flex than the basic model. I skied them for several years and never had a single problem or pre-release. I did a release check with them and they checked out just fine. One complete set with regular plates, plus a 4 hole standard adapter... you can use 'em on 2 sets of skis.
Not in perfect condition; there's a barely visible hairline crack on the body, and the forward pressure indicator is hard to see. Simple enough to know when you're clipped in tho, and there's been no issue with the crack - I'd simply dab a drop of thin viscosity super glue if I were worried about it.
As far as how they ski, I find them very similar to the BD 03's with a mid-flex cartridge. Smooth, even, progressive flex.

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