tx pro bellow collapse?

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tx pro bellow collapse?

Postby walserpaul » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:22 pm

i'm new here and new on my scarpa tx pros.
i ski them in a medjo 2.0 and on a k2 pinnacle 95.
the last years i skied a bd push with a 22designs axl.
after some days to get used to my new setup i start to like the new system.
today i got a bit more confident, started to ski more agressive (like i was used to do).
after some runs i noticed something like a bellow collapse.
i felt like the boot lost all the bellow stiffness (felt already soft before), but it really felt like a real collapse.
specially at longer, fast turns it feels like a broken bellow.
it's not at every turn, but it feels softer and specially when i go low.
it's also more on one boot than at the other. there is no visible crack or similar.
it looks like the more rear bellow slides under the other one.
any ideas?


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Re: tx pro bellow collapse?

Postby dorthman » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:43 am

Well the pro is pretty soft flexing compared to the Push which is a stiff, beefy boot. Ibe read a few accounts online of folks mentioning that they find the pro too soft for aggressive skiing...and of course the comp doesn't have tech inserts

I think You're just used to beefier boots and bindings.


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Re: tx pro bellow collapse?

Postby Harris » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:41 pm

I have both 2nd Gen TX Pros and 2 year old, new TX Pros. The newer pair are crap IMO; the bellows hit a soft point like you mention and collapse in both Meidjo and Outlaw bindings, which move the flex point aft compared to a Rott Freedom or free ride binding. and toe pinch is an issue. This was not a problem with the older models. In fact before ditching NTN altogether for my approx. 20 year old Garment Gara duckbills, I had pulled the new TX Pro liners out and used them in my older TX Pro shells. The only reason I had bought the newer TX Pros was a concern about the longevity of my older ones, and it looked possible that MFGs might drop NTN altogether due to poor sales.


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Re: tx pro bellow collapse?

Postby willco99 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:17 pm

I switched to NTN last season and went with the Outlaw and TX Pro's and had the same experience. I also had been skiing a Push boot and Axl's for several years. I wish BD would make an NTN boot....the Push is, hands down, the best boot I ever used.

After a few days of use, as I got comfortable with the NTN flex, the TX Pro's started collapsing in at the bellows. It was mildly uncomfortable at first, then the edge of plastic before the bellows actually started rubbing the liner so hard on my toes that I had blisters on all toes! I made the mistake of skiing them a few days back-to-back despite the discomfort and ended up with open cuts on my toes.

I tried a few things to remedy the issue. I installed stiffy springs on the Outlaw (which I had on the Axl), dialed up the pre-tension, tried a couple of other liners I already had and nothing worked.

I ended up dumping the TX Pro's on e-Bay and went with a pair of Crispi EVO World Cups. Vastly better! The bubble style bellows seems to work much better with the NTN flex and doesn't collapse when you're charging or going low. I still get a bit of toe touch when it's warm and the boot softens up, but it's not too noticeable.

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