thinking of skiing :(

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thinking of skiing :(

Postby t-$ » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:03 am

hey folks,

since the weather is crap today and my school is closed, i am sitting here wishing i could get out and enjoy my free day. but alas, unless the wind dies off i'm prolly stuck with no skiing. :( but there are a lot of things ski related that are on the upcoming calendar so i thought i would create a little list of fun, local, ski related events and happenings just to get us midwesterners stoked for tomorrow!

first up, an old community ski area that has been getting new life from a young couple that have decided it was time. Mt. Mancelona in Mancelona, MI is now up and running again! i love their community centered approach and opportunity to get involved (join the "worker bees" on fb if you are local and want to be a part of the fun) they are also hosting a beer and music festival in a couple weeks...should be a good time!

next thing i have been following is shaggy's copper country skis. a family company that makes custom skis in northern michigan. they are way to expensive for me, and admittedly are a dh focused manufacturer. but hey, its cool that there is a small company making custom skis and graphics. i have asked them about making something closer to the Eon specs, but doesn't seem like its something they are super into. that's ok, i don't blame them as i'm sure the molds and stuff they use are expensive to tool.

coming up next weekend is the gs races at Hickory hills in traverse city, mi. i support this mainly cause many of my students with be competing in the races. also, i just want to support hickory hills as i really dig their (also) community centered approach. hickory is an awesome place to goof around! you can ski the expanding meadow loop for a k&g warmup and then make a left and earn your turns on some decent hills. what else could you ask for?! ... e_id=81465

and finally, the last thing on the calendar that i have really been looking forward to is the midwest tele fest in the UP. i'm sure many of you know about this already and hopefully i can get a chance to meet some of you local blokes in person at this event. i can't wait!!! less than a month now!!

anyways, just some fun things to peruse during this craptastic friday. fingers crossed for better conditions thru the weekend. have fun out there er'ybody!


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Re: thinking of skiing :(

Postby Lars » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:46 am

Sounds like some nice events and a great community to support.

Weather here in VT is lots of rain and then a freeze with some new snow over the weekend.

Managed to get out last night after work on a river/farm trail in Burlington. Interesting conditions...

Packed melted snow to the point where it's essentially ice. Lots of sections under 1/2" to 1" of melt water. New gear was very responsive and we thoroughly enjoyed squeezing in an hour of skiing after work before darkness chased us off the trail.

Lots of fun though. Hope we get back some of this snow we're losing today.

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