How to tele: 3-pin only

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Re: How to tele: 3-pin only

Postby 1EyedJack » Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:42 pm

I've been skiing 60+ years, from downhill to tele when my knees blew out. Like others said, you have the feel for skiing and just need to add some different skills. Snow conditions and terrain will dictate what gear works for you.

I ski backcountry 100% nowadays. I started on 3pins and stuck with them, though updated to Voille 3pin cables. Current skis are Fischer 89s (quiver of 1, with Volkl powder skis mounted with Switchback Xs collecting dust - not that good for touring IMO). Depending on the terrain, I have some worn-out Asolo leathers and old Crispi T3s. With the Crispis, I rarely use the cables anymore but a good option to stuff in your pack. I like the support of the Crispis and can loosen up the 2-buckle boot for comfort. (they don't make them anymore).

Have fun out there.
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Re: How to tele: 3-pin only

Postby greatgt » Wed May 01, 2019 9:37 am

With Cannotonic on the Rottas.....Going to get my new 109's remounted with them....Voile is a good binding but the Rotta "feels" better.....We use "Lowball" getting real low for when we need to come around :right now".....Mostly we ride higher up and do the tele deed from that position...It gives you a lot more options....Couple of the guys hinted or out and out said leathers....With them on that!!!!!....Some said to go skinnier and with them on that too....Wide is more of a downhill ski with little going for it on cruises...It also restricts your ability to squeeze between whips and larger things....Cables are good but for me just added weight and do nothing in sweet powder....Remember one really important thinger.......Your balance is fore and aft....not starboard and port...That is the hardest part especially if you got wide and short...Teleman


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Re: How to tele: 3-pin only

Postby oggopoggo » Thu May 02, 2019 12:41 am

Shorter skis help a lot with 3 pins, especially if you want to ski steeps. The tails of longer skis drop much lower than with a cable and can hang up on the pitch behind you. A lower stance can make heavy snow easier but use slightly shorter poles to keep your arms down and plant very deliberately. Have fun!


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Re: How to tele: 3-pin only

Postby Cannatonic » Thu May 02, 2019 1:14 pm

practice backfoot hockey stops? how does that work? I think I need it

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