Upgrading to new skis -- should I also upgrade from Hammerheads?

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Upgrading to new skis -- should I also upgrade from Hammerheads?

Post by edking » Mon Nov 16, 2020 11:41 pm

I've been an occasional telemark skier for quite some time -- just resort skiing on groomers and easy bumps. I've had my current set up for about 8 years (BD Voodoo skis, Hammerheads and BD Seeker boots) and finally decided it was time to upgrade my skis, so I just ordered some BD Route 88s. Question is whether I should keep the Hammerheads, or would I notice a big difference if I moved to Axls or something similar? The boots fit really well, so I'd like to stick with them - so I would stay with 75mm. But I'm just remembering what a revelation it was when I went from old school cable bindings to the Hammerheads -- would a newer binding be a similar leap? btw, I am 5'6" and weigh 120 lb. Thanks!

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Re: Upgrading to new skis -- should I also upgrade from Hammerheads?

Post by Montana St Alum » Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:30 am

If you like the Hammerheads and don't ski back country, keep them.
Staying inbounds on 75mm, you wouldn't get any improvement by going to anything else.

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Re: Upgrading to new skis -- should I also upgrade from Hammerheads?

Post by PBuddy » Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:16 pm

Agreed with sticking with hammerheads if you're sticking with 75mm and inbounds.

I am a huge proponent to upgrading to NTN. There are a lot of better options in terms of boots/bindings that are far more superior than anything 75 has to offer. Also the more tele skiers convert to NTN, the better for the industry. To get the Hammerhead feel I would direct you to the Outlaws. As for boots that are similar to the Seekers, it's a tough call. If I recall those boots are for a wider foot, but it's been so long that I've skied in those that I couldn't give an accurate NTN suggestion. Probably the Scott NTN boots rather than the Scarpa. Crispi if you can find a pair.

All said, I understand the financial restrictions of upgrading to NTN.

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Re: Upgrading to new skis -- should I also upgrade from Hammerheads?

Post by joeatomictoad » Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:12 pm

I went from Karhu Ruckit with Hammerheads to Nordica Enforcer 93 with Vice.

My 2-cents on transitioning from HH to replacement.
1. I needed to upgrade to stiffy springs on the Hammerheads. Vice has stock springs, and I have not noticed a difference. Maybe my diet was more effective than I realized?
2. Replacement parts for Hammerheads will be getting harder and harder to find. Believe it's near impossible to find HH stiffy springs now; other parts will soon follow suit. Believe HH parts are no longer rolling off the manufacturing line, so what's left is what 22D and retailers have in stock. Given that HH are rather bombproof, should not be a big problem, but it's still a consideration.
3. Stock Vice heel plate does not have heel risers; the stock Axl does have heel risers.
4. HH has 5-positions for the slick pin. May be better for more soft feeling is using 75-mm for less "down" and more "across" or "up".
5. My HH's always made an audible "spring" every time I flexed. Have not noticed it with the Vice.

I like the Vice. It's not better than the predecessor, but not worse either. Can't go wrong wither way.

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