Anyone else skiing the new Dynastar Legend?

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Anyone else skiing the new Dynastar Legend?

Postby TimMoffett » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:31 pm

Have the Legend x96 in 186. I am going on day 3 with the new skis and I love them. Very stable - they turn very well on groomers, but also crud and deeper snow.

I have B&D shift plates mounted with Hammerheads so I have the option of moving the bindings back/forward to adjust to the situation. Right now I am boot center @ 2.5CM behind ski center. With T-Race boots they're unreal.

I am East coast, but have skied the West and they'd be great there as well. Hard to believe that 96mm under foot turns so well on groomers. Especially when someone else has taken the edge off the snow...

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