Atomic Vantage 85 Review

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Atomic Vantage 85 Review

Postby Woodserson » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:36 pm

BooYA my Atomic Vantage 85s have become my number 1, go-to, do-it-all ski for the frontside. BAM! They come out of the gate, don't ask questions, kick ass, take names, accept phone numbers, and don't look back at explosions. BOOM!

173cm 125-85-109
All Mtn Rocker which translates to: Very little rocker.
17m Radius

I mounted them with Rottefella Cobra R8's one of my favorite bindings with the perfect balance of activity and power, and I ski them with my T4's. They are mounted at the -2 line, which is factory marked.

I'm a 6'2" 160lb skiing machine with strong intermediate telemark skillzz coming from a very strong alpine background that I have abandoned due to injury. I can get myself down anything in telemark gear, but sometimes it's not pretty and no one would call me graceful. There are days though where everything comes together.

This is sold as a basic intermediate ski at an incredibly attractive price point (I bought mine for under $200). Do not confuse these with the CTI versions, these are wood core only, no carbon, no titanium. Bomber construction.

They have an even round flex with a nice firming up near the end which translates to a very nice pop out of turns after you load them up. There's pretty decent rise in the tails, so they release easily and don't hook, AND they are good for any radius turn your choose. Tight slalom? Check. Big ol' turns at speeds? Check. I find them a little high-energy in frozen granular, there is little in the ski to dampen vibrations but they don't chatter.

These skis just rock. They eat up the crud with gusto, the have great torsional rigidity for hardpack, and when I roll them on edge and start carving parallel style they hold on and lay railroad tracks so goddamm deep you can drive the Acela on them to your morning commute. I love bashing the bumps with these skis, they swing quick and transition from edge to edge on demand and the slightly shorter length makes them easy to maneuver.

The one drawback is powder, I find them a little short in the shovel at the 173cm length and combined with the lack of any kind of appreciable rocker I have to adjust my stance to keep them up and floating. Not my go-to powder ski but here in the Northeast that's OK. Once it gets crudded up though, rock solid riding through the mank.

I did not expect these skis to be the ones I grab everytime I walk out of the house, but it's what they have become. They are a little heavy to be touring with, which is unfortunate, but the weight is what gives it better performance when charging hard down the frontside of the ski area dealing with unexpected obstacles. I'll take that trade-off and tour in something else.


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