What alpine skis are people using for telemark?

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Re: What alpine skis are people using for telemark?

Postby rongon » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:46 pm

Alpine skis I've mounted with telemark bindings and skied:

K2 Merlin III -- I wouldn't recommend them, but they got me started. I had Voile 3-Pin Hardwires on them. Skied them with Crispi CXT (2-buckle) boots. The worked surprisingly well with kick wax, but they were total noodles. They're long gone.

Atomic Diran (last version of TM:22) -- My first 'real' skis. I was just learning to telemark, and I bought them too short (I had them in about 172 length, should've gone for 180-ish). They weren't very stable (probably too soft for me), but they were great for touring. Really responded well to kick wax. I had those same 3-Pin Hardwires on them. I sold them off years ago.

Dynastar Legend 3800 -- I love these skis for lower angle stuff and trail skiing. I have Voile Hardwires on them. I ski them (and everything else these days) with Crispi CXP (3-buckle) boots. I'll take these when I'm skiing hardpacked trails like Mt Marcy. I've skied Tucks in them a couple times too. They have tremendous edge hold for an 'intermediate' ski.

Atomic Snoop Daddy -- These were my first "wide" skis (88mm waist). They weren't that good. Too soft to hold a decent edge, which I need here in the Northeast. But they were fun in soft snow. I had my first powder epiphany on them, skiing right after a 2-foot dump at Taos.

Dynastar Cham 97 High Mountain -- These are a hoot. BIG. BAD. I've skied them out west, in Rogers Pass, down Tucks. I have AXLs on them. I absolutely loved them at first, and I still like them after 3 seasons. I guess they're good for telemark.

I hope some of that is useful.


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Re: What alpine skis are people using for telemark?

Postby asolds » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:41 pm

Not a frequent poster on the site, but have set up a lot of alpine skis for tele over the years. Every few years I get all amped up and get a hard charging alpine ski (Nordica enforcers, Blizzard cochise, Volkl Gotamas, Majesty Dirty Bears) and I always end up regretting it and going back to an easy riding ski with a flat stiffer tail, early rise tips, and a mellow personality. Recent favorites that are alpine/side country include K2 Pinnacle 95, Black Diamond Boundary 100, and Voile V6.

I would recommend checking any of those out with some 22 Designs bindings (75 mm or NTN) and you should have a good time on the groomers and in most conditions. Decent prices on all of those rigs this time of year.


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Re: What alpine skis are people using for telemark?

Postby Logancastle » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:24 pm

Thanks for all the great advice - truly appreciate it. Bought a pair of Armadas with Enzo bindings. Upside to buying at the end of the season - everything is one clearance. Downside - can’t ski on them until December. Here’s a pic along with the last two set-ups I rode over the last 20 years.

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