Really New Skis

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Re: Really New Skis

Postby lowangle al » Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:02 pm

lowangle al wrote:I haven't had the skis out yet but I've made a few observations. Compared to my old Vectors I saved about 10 oz.(280gr) per pair while gaining 7cms in length. Not bad but I'd have been thrilled to save a whole lb.

Both pairs are mounted using Voiles boot center recommendation and both pin lines are the same distance from that mark. I was surprised (not pleasantly) that of the 7cm I gained only about 2.7 cm were in the tip and 4.4 cm were in the tail. I wish it were the other way around for more float. I'm not too sensitive about mounting location but I guess I could move them back if I thought I need to.

The other surprise was the scale pattern. The Hypers are 7cm longer but the scales are 10cm longer. Since the old skis climbed so well I would have rather seen the scales not increase by more than 7cm. leaning towards possibly better glide.

These aren't big deal things and I have a lot of confidence that Voile knows what they are doing so I am still optimistic that I will like them.

I've had the Hypers out 4 times and they have greatly surpassed my expectations. The extra length, especially in the tails, made for a much better balanced ski with a wider sweet spot then the Vectors. They do not need to be driven towards the tips to keep you centered. This combined with the smoother flex made them more stable, smoother and they tracked much better in powder.

They also toured better than the Vectors. They seemed to have a better glide, at times it felt like I was going downhill when I was actually climbing low angle. The grip also seemed better, more noticeable in wet snow than dry.

I was disappointed when Voile discontinued the Vector, but now I know why and it was a good move. The Vector is still a great ski, and if you can find a pair of gently used ones mounted with hardwires in the $500.00 range I'd grab em.


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Re: Really New Skis

Postby voilenerd » Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:57 am

I picked up a set of 184 hyper vectors last August. I really enjoyed them for the season. I have them mounted by Voile with HW and running T2 ecos. Scales climb extremely well. I only had to use my skins a few times this season. Kick and glide is great and fairly easy to tele on soft snow. My only complaint is the tips kinda wave back and forth going down steep hardpack. It might be my skills however lacking because im not great skier on hardpack and have hard time doing tele turns on steep hardpack. Next season thinking about getting V6 BC and Switchback X2. Hopefully Voile fixes their hyper line for tele mounts. My Hyper Vectors were grand fathered in under warranty.

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