NTN boot advice

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NTN boot advice

Postby Ricky » Fri May 10, 2019 4:09 pm

I've been skiing some old Garmont Ener-G boots (size 27.5) that fit great and want to get some NTN boots before next season. I have a low volume foot but my foot is not narrow (maybe my heel is narrow, but the ball of my foot isn't). I was wondering if anyone with experience had thoughts on the difference in fit between the Crispi Evo (or World Cut) and the Scarpa TX Pro. I have a custom insole that I use in the Garmont's (to support my arch) so I may not need a boot made especially for low-volume feet. I have extremely sensitive heels, and so I need a boot that won't put any pressure on my heels, as would be the case if the heel lifts at times (fortunately, I've had no problems in boot fit with the Garmont's, which really surprised me). I know the moldable liners in modern boots help a lot with fitting, but I've also found that it really helps to get a boot that fits close to my foot shape. Basically I'd like to get a boot that fits just like my Garmont's, but in NTN.

I've heard that Crispi are better for high volume feet, but I heard the same about my Garmont's, and the Garmont's fit great. So I don't really know what to think.

Related to this, in case I have to order boots, does anyone know how the sizing between my Garmont boots relates to the Scarpa or Crispis? I tried on some Scott Voodoo size 27.5, and they are significantly shorter than my Garmont's. I wonder if the Scarpas and Crispis size the same as the Garmont's, or more like the Scott's.

I'd appreciate any advice from people with experience with these boots. Thanks.

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