Help Me Build XCD Kit

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Re: Help Me Build XCD Kit

Post by phoenix » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:15 am

No worries, lilcliffy... Ii agree the Alaska's are better suited for a narrower ski. They mate very well with my old skinnies, and I ski them often. Thing is I firmly believe Munsi will be way more pleased with a little bigger set up for where he is, and what he's wanting to do. It's all good. But some things are a little better!

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Re: Help Me Build XCD Kit

Post by jyw5 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:17 pm

I live in Alaska and have been skiing on 169cm s112 with NNN BC bindings and madshus glittertind boots for 3 seasons. it is really slow on flat approaches but not bad on steep terrain. I am 5'8" and 145 lbs. I am going to try try some glide wax on the warmer days which will help. I regularly climb 1000-1500 ft for 1-2 miles which gives u an idea of the slope angles. The approaches in AK are usually very flat and long. Many approaches can be 2 miles with only 500ft gain then steep 2000ft for the last 2 miles. Terrain is highly variable...can start out warm and wet and be boilerplate at the summit.

I just bought the Asnes Falketind 62 with NNN BC and plan to try them on the same slopes.

On very steep terrain of 30+ degrees..I have to kick and step turn. I am not that good at telemark skiing. Just learned how to tele turn last season. I am a very good downhill backcountry skiier...have done multiday hut to hut tours.

Colorado probably has less variability in snow in any given day so these setups would do great but for your weight and height, someone else can maybe comment on a setup that would be equivalent to what I am using and be better for you.

As for the S125, I have a pair with Silvretta bindings that fit my La Sportiva G2 mountaineering boots. People up here use this setup for climbing Denali. The S125 is a great approach ski for climbing but isn't really suitable for downhill nor kick and glide xc skiing...maybe that's why they discontinued it. (Of course any good skiier can use it but there are way better options for downhill for similar weight and size ski). It has a very narrow application and climbs up very well in long technical terrain (I have taken it up 40+ degree gullies with 40 lb pack).


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Re: Help Me Build XCD Kit

Post by Cannatonic » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:12 pm

I like LC"s idea of staying with light boots like the Alaska (or a little beefier Crispi Antarctic which you can try at Neptune) and getting a lighter/longer pair of skis. I have many years of skiing the stiffest, heaviest highback alpine ski boots in my past life, Lange Pink Panthers, Raichle Flexon Comp, Technica TNT and my favorites, Dachsteins.

But there is really something fun to getting light XCD gear and comfortable boots and heading out on versatile skis like the Ingstad/NATo combat dimension or E99/Gamme. On consolidated snow like spring corn you can make smooth tele turns and ski up & down descents with extremely light, comfortable gear on your feet - it's addicting and a real thrill. I'm thinking of corn season in Colorado which goes on for months.
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Re: Help Me Build XCD Kit

Post by lilcliffy » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:01 pm

The OP is from an expert skier from what I read.
If he is considering the Alaska boot- I would think he knows what it is capable of.

Stating that the Alaska offers no more support than a high-top sneaker is a bit of an exageration...

The Alaska offers the support of a heavy-duty backpacking boot (as opposed to a light hiking boot). I am very comfortable and feel safe touring in the backcountry with this boot.

As far as a ski to mate with a boot like the Alaska/Antarctic- to me the 78mm Annum/S-112 are the reasonable limit- though some are going as wide as an Objective with this boot...

My recent years of skiing suggest that a ski like the Ingstad BC is just as good as the Annum/S-112 in deep snow and I find the narrower waist more fun downhill- with a boot like the Alaska- and it is certainly a better XC touriing ski than the Annum/S-112.

Just something to think about...

If a wider downhill ski is the best ski- which it might well be (I really have no idea)- than I personally would be reaching for something much wider than the Annum/S-112- mounted with a Telemark touring binding and a Telemark touring boot.

But- again- if the Alaska was the boot- I would be reaching for something narrower than and Annum/S-112...
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