NNN v NNNBC for touring

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XCD Enthusiast
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NNN v NNNBC for touring

Post by Lars_Danner » Mon May 11, 2020 12:50 pm

I am sorry if this has been asked before. But, I am curious if there are any thoughts out there on NNN v NNN BC bindings and boots for touring on snowmachine trails? NNN is going to be much lighter (I think) and offers adjustable binding positions (which is really helpful with skin skis), but NNN BC should offer warmer boots and better soles for walking, when needed. But, I am not sure how to balance the trade-offs. Any thoughts out there?
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Re: NNN v NNNBC for touring

Post by Roelant » Tue May 12, 2020 4:28 am

The whole system of binding + boot, NNN is about half the weight of NNN-BC (depending on which boots you use) but it doesn't provide anywhere close to the amount of lateral and torsional stability. I have skied a couple of times in deeper snow with NNN and its manageable but more tiring than with NNN-BC, the weight difference doesn't come close to compensating the effort IMO.
If your snowmobile trails aren't too choppy and don't go too steep up or down, it may be OK though. if staying in them becomes tricky on the way down, BC is a clear winner.

Is the movable binding an asset on such trails? Even on dedicated XC tracks I don't really scoot them back and forth, I just leave them far enough forward for adequate grip on the whole trip, usually. My hunch is that on the snowmobile trails i would optimise them for grip anyways.

But hey, I am a guy who is happy with the glide of waxless pattern skis, maybe I am an outlier.

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