Alico Nordic March sizing

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Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by Rodbelan » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:36 am

I know some of you guys ski with these. How are they regarding sizing? I normally wear a size 7 US, 25 MP, 39 or 40 EU... I found some 7 UK boots. Most conversion charts will say it is equivalent to 7.5 US or 40. A few say 8 US or 41. 7.5 would be fine, knowing that Alico runs a bit small... What do you think? Thanks.
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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by lilcliffy » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:17 pm

Hi Rod-
I am a 42.5EU, (27-27.5 Mondo) and normally wear a 9-9.5US.

UK sizes- I think- are supposed to run a full-size smaller than a US men's...

I ordered the 8UK- they are a tad short on my slightly longer left foot. They are a good fit for length.

I have trouble with this boot because of boot volume- not length. I have a small volume foot and I find these boots to be large volume. I am diligently training the leather so that they stop pinching my metatarsus.

If I went to a larger size- to give more length- they would be impossibly large volume for my foot.
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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by martin2007 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:03 pm

I wore my brand new pair today around the house and outside for a short walk. They are going to require a big effort and patience to break in. Mine are UK 9. I usually wear US 9.5-10. The Ski Marches are big. "Voluminous" as someone else wrote here.

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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by Verskis » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:31 am

I typically wear EU 43, but I was afraid that the Italian sizing runs small (having had size 43 Andrew Rifugios that were painfully too short for my feet), so I bought my Alico Ski Marches in size UK10. Yes, they are quite long, and otherwise voluminous, but the toebox is quite narrow. I found out that by using the extra felt insoles that came with the Alicos, and using two socks (which is nice to prevent blisters as well), they fit me really well (volume-wise). Like I said, there is a bit extra length for the toes (maybe 1,5cm extra for the big toe), but to me it seems good to have since the boot tapers quite much at the toes. Now my toes are not forced to the narrower part of the boot, but they sit more comfortably at a place where the boot is still pretty wide. If I had correct-length boots, I'm afraid that my big toe would be forced to turn inwards and would rub on the inside of the toebox, which is pretty rigid and won't be deformed around your toes over time like the rest of the boot will, I'm afraid.

It would have been really nice to be able to compare UK9 and UK10 before purchasing. With the cheap prices of these boots, maybe I should have bought both sizes too see which one is better.
But now my boots are quite well worn-in (and I don't want to repeat the process in near future!), so I will keep skiing these. After all, they fit me well volume wise and the small amount of extra length has not caused me any problems (and it may have been good for my big toes, as I never get any "toe bang").

Therefore, my suggestion is to take your regular size if you have narrow feet (at the toes). If you have wider feet, you could even think about sizing up like I did. I would never size down, unless you have very very narrow and low volume feet.

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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by Coolwhip » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:07 pm

I have some older Alico boots in a 41 (US 8) and the March boots in UK7. The soles are exactly the same length, but the March boots are wider. They may have made the boots higher volume and included 2 sets of insoles so fit would be less of a concern when the boots were issued.

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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by fisheater » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:08 pm

[quote="lilcliffy"]Hi Rod-
I am a 42.5EU, (27-27.5 Mondo) and normally wear a 9-9.5US.

I have trouble with this boot because of boot volume- not length. I have a small volume foot and I find these boots to be large volume. I am diligently training the leather so that they stop pinching my metatarsus.

I was kind of wondering if you were having fit issues Gareth. I just lucked out with the fit of this boot. I do not have a high volume foot. My 28.5 T-4's fit, but I could use an insole. I am a US 11, so I ordered a UK 10. I was really disappointed when the boots arrived UK 10W. I have been very fortunate that the two wool felt insoles took up the volume. I didn't suffer through any leather pinch. I was walking the dog about 3 miles per night and I bet I put 50-60 miles walking before I ever skied a mile.
Good luck Rod, if this boot fits it is a fun boot to ski in.
Cool whip, I am guessing those felt insoles helped you as well?

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Re: Alico Nordic March sizing

Post by Cannatonic » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:57 pm

mine are UK 12 wide, which corresponds to the US 13 wide or 47's I usually wear. I have wide toe box w/ bunions and sknny heels, the heel/ankle is way too wide for me. That's why I'm getting a pair of buckles installed over the instep, hopefully it will help seal the boot down over my ankle.

The toe width was actually insuffcient, they only fit after extensive stretching of the toe box, but that's typical for me.
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