Tonje/Ingstad DH performance : Excursion va Alaska

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Nitram Tocrut
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Tonje/Ingstad DH performance : Excursion va Alaska

Post by Nitram Tocrut » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:23 pm

I am looking to buy some new gear for my wife so that we can ski together more. I already own some Ingstad and I was looking for thé Tonje, thé same ski with a différent design. I s using Alaska boots but the DH performance is not that great and I was looking for Excursion type of boots to have better DH control.

Does anyone have experience with this setup? Do you think there will be significant difference in term of control. We mainly tour around the farm and also some tout for turn on and around the farm. I am actually getting Raab this year but my wife is not as crazy as me so that is why I am thinking about the Tonje/Excursion mix.

Thank you!

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Re: Tonje/Ingstad DH performance : Excursion va Alaska

Post by phoenix » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:15 pm

I have both the Alaska 75 and the Excursion. My usual skis are the Objective BC's and the old (1990's) Karhu XCD GT's, both with 3 pins. While the Alaska's are wonderfully warm and comfortable, and I usually lace those up for general touring, I do find they're not too good for turns on the Objectives, unless the conditions are pretty good.
The Excursions most definitely offer better downhill control, and are still comfortable for touring (almost too comfortable for me: very high volume fit, and I have a low volume foot).
I don't recall whether I skied the Excursions on the XCD's, but I'm sure they would also offer a big boost for turning.

I also skied the Excursions on a pair of K2 Wayback 88's, with cables,at the resort, and also a backcountry tour for turns in untracked powder, and they skied beautifully.

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Re: Tonje/Ingstad DH performance : Excursion va Alaska

Post by lilcliffy » Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:00 am

Hey Martin- sorry I did not respond to your post! (I have been a bit buried in work of late!)

A plastic boot like the Excursion is a massive increase in support over a soft leather XC boot like the Alaska.

As Phoenix mentions- the Excursion has a large-volume fit- too large for my low-volume foot.
I have a memory of their once being a women's version of the Excursion- is this correct?

The other option to consider is the Scarpa T4.

An Excursion/T4 class boot will certainly completely overpower a ski as narrow as the Tonje/Ingstad.
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