How good is walk mode in newer T2s?

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How good is walk mode in newer T2s?

Post by cshemeta » Wed Mar 31, 2021 6:35 pm

I have been tele skiing for about 30 years. Not switching to AT anytime soon - my knees are holding out and I like the flexibility of being able to go up little hills on the trail with my free heel! (and love the tele turn)

I have t3s and wanted to upgrade to higher performance and warmer feet, so several years back acquired used (blue, 3 buckle) T2s with intuition liners. Much warmer, and light. Only problem is the darned forward lean drives me CRAZY and tires out my quads, and crams my toes forward (if I try to stand up straight-ish!). To alleviate this, I bought some old Rossignol "rip chick" skis with G3 targa (pivot) bindings. Better but still, would LOVE to be able to stand up straight on occasion (cruising down an easy trail).

Recently used my very old T3s on a 8 mile BC ski and wow - so comfortable for climbing! But man, they are heavy. We put T2 lace up liners in our T3s to add that higher cuff and more control.

Been thinking about newer T2s that claim to provide 30 degrees of "walk mode". Read all the reviews I could find online, all I found is people feeling a bit dissatisfied with the pin that activates the walk/ski mode. Do the newer T2s actually let you stand straight up?

Any thoughts for me?? I read some stuff on how to buckle the boots and use (NOT) the power strap to make walking easier....

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