Fischer & Asnes magical dreamtime wishlist. XC-D

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Fischer & Asnes magical dreamtime wishlist. XC-D

Post by Woodserson » Tue Jun 01, 2021 5:10 pm

Actually, quite minor details.

E109: comes back with Offtrack Crown
E99: more availability in the USA
E99: EZ-Skin on Offtrack Crown models
S-Bound 98: Made with the old Boundless camber/flex but with rocker! This would be the best xcD ski out there. Wax and Crown versions (shrink the Crown length a bit to accommodate the softer flex so we don't get big drag) Basically, the Boundless, with rocker. Rockerize it! The Boundless ripped as a ski. It feels good. Warm and consistent and less hollow than the current S-Bound. It was more ski, less air.

Gamme: 205cm
Ingstad: 200cm
FT62: a bit stiffer overall OR reduce the rocker a tiny bit but keep the same flex-- the new version may have this already (slightly stiffer). Throw an extra 100 grams on the ski to dampen it up a bit and make it more punchworthy in crusty snow. Some heavier wood or something. NOT CARBON. Yes, I went there.
Rabb68: reduce the tail dimension by at least 5mm. The tail is very chattery on steep firm snow, it catches really bad. The Ingstad skis better on steep/firm. C'mon. The tail dimension flares out quickly at the end, not proportional with the rest of the ski.

No longer in production and downhill:
Tindan86: Bring it back! Dump the carbon. The ski feels harsh underfoot with little dampening. Just make it wood and fiberglass. THIS SKI SHREDS, it is almost perfect. Maybe make it slightly softer, but not much, just a bit. Also: an intermediate length-- 182cm.

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Re: Fischer & Asnes magical dreamtime wishlist. XC-D

Post by fisheater » Wed Jun 02, 2021 7:10 pm

Mr Woods,
You are spot on, in regards to the FT. Hopefully the 2021-22 model is the Woodserson Classic XCD Special.
I would say that if Asnes doesn’t come out with a 205 Gamme and a 200 cm Ingstad, perhaps it is because the XCD Knights decreed Mr. Woodserson should up his beer intake a bit!
I don’t have enough miles on the Tindan, although I can say it doesn’t track well on a packed out uneven trails. It sure was fun in powder. It really kicked well on the second and third laps. Even though Asnes discontinued it, I am committed to spending more time on it. Not that anyone cares about a review of a discontinued ski.

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Re: Fischer & Asnes magical dreamtime wishlist. XC-D

Post by Johnny » Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:48 am

A Rabb-type ski with a smaller radius around 11-12m and WITHOUT nordic rocker.
Waxless Rabbs, Nosis and Tindans
Straight 300cm planks with no sidecut at all

YES PLEASE, bring back the Boundless wax with no rocker, with even more sidecut, skinnier, stiffer and under 2kg a pair! And yes, a new Boundless-type Crown ski with A LOT of rocker! In S98 and S112 widths please... 8-)
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