Fischer BCX Europa 109 Tour

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Re: Fischer BCX Europa 109 Tour

Post by Bohemian » Sun May 15, 2022 4:55 pm

fisheater wrote:
Mon Feb 07, 2022 8:47 pm
You’re becoming quite the beast! Not that I can talk, but photos would be cool. That’s from a guy that rarely takes photos!
Pictures to be uploaded when I get round to it, intention is soon. Since mid February I've been busy: first our participation in the Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition Rally (organised adventure road trip whereby all team must also raise funds for any charity ; Hamburg via Denmark & Sweden to the North Cape, back to Hamburg through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithiania, Poland ; ) ; been out working almost non-stop since that trip.

Meanwhile scored 2 more sets of old BC skis:
Fischer S-bound Boundless 98 crown (98-69-88) 169cm with R'fella Chili bindings (these bindings will be swapped for something lighter) and a set of Outtabounds crown (88-68-78) 179cm with 3-pin rat traps. Both with the old negative fishscales.
I think they're both about 20 years old, but for 50EUR for both sets together + some fuel I won't complain :P
We'll see later for which skiers weights these are suitable and if they're any good, surely good enough for a bit of playing around! Will need to do some yoyoing to compare them with the E109. Enough gear for now (except a set of 3-pin bindings) : Next winter will be about improving my crappy technique both flat and downhill :lol:

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