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Tune and Repair Tools in Backpack?

Posted: Tue May 30, 2023 7:21 pm
by TallGrass
What ski-specific tools or stuff do you carry to tune or make repairs in you backpack or pockets to get through the day and or get back home?

I usually have some zip ties, extra shoelaces, wax (paste or liquid for glide), kick wax and scraper if appropriate in addition to my general kit, and I have this because it has a PH3 and PZ3 (philips and pozidriv respectively) unlike the BD knock off. ... B00L6ZC7DQ

This looks interesting, has a scraper and bottle opener, though I wonder how much torque it can take and how easy it would be to effect.
Image ... board-tool ... B073G9VSK8 ... epair-kit/