Anyone with Experience Skiing Summitcone Scales?

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Anyone with Experience Skiing Summitcone Scales?

Post by fisheater » Sun Mar 24, 2024 9:59 am

I skied a Summitcone Pariah this year at the ski hill and I really liked it. While I don’t really like scales for low angle skiing, I think they are really useful where full skins are required. In the East, just because you pulled skins, doesn’t mean traverses aren’t required. While wax would work when it’s cold, it just isn’t the answer for me, when full skins are required.
So has anyone skied with Summitcone scales?
Thank you

Hey @FeyBrothers I have yet to see a review of your scaled skis either here or the other forum. Maybe you should work with someone on these forums to review your scales. Get in touch with me, I have a couple of guys I would recommend. I am not one of those guys either!

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