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Post by phoenix » Wed Apr 24, 2024 9:46 pm

What I've got currently; I'd like to switch out some but at the moment, L to R: 1) Karhu Kodiak Kinetic's (waxless); abandoned from a ski swap drop off so I adopted them. 2) HyperVector BC's, 171.3) Objective BC's, 164; wish they were longer. 4) K2 Wayback 188's, 167's that ski like 170's; haven't used much yet. 5) They say Merrell's, but this are definitely 1990's Karhu XCD GT's (waxables) with a different cosmetic, from that couple of years Karhu went thru corporate changes morphing from Karhu Trak/Merrell and we now have Madshus. Vintage classics, but I'm missing something that'll kick and glide better; think the camber's soft on these now. FT 62's (I think, I'm not Asnes acquainted) have my interest.
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Re: quiver

Post by DG99 » Thu Apr 25, 2024 10:57 pm

Love those Voile skis!

I tried to get into more XC, faster kick and glide set ups, but they aren’t so much faster after all, and way more sensitive to bad conditions. That said, I don’t do XC groomers, and the snow conditions tend to deep or coral reef around here.

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Re: quiver

Post by matu » Fri Apr 26, 2024 3:10 pm

Sure looks like i'm selling skis from the trunk of my car, but i assure you that's not the case :D Anyway, here's the the only pic i have of my whole quiver. Left to right:
  • Madshus Glittertind 195cm + Rottefella NNN BC: my go to ski for skiing groomed xc or when pulling the pulk.
  • K2 Mindbender 116C 179cm + Meidjo 3: for deeper powder days. Bought them a few years back because i loved the graphics and for that japan trip i will some day tick off the bucket list.
  • K2 Wayback 96 170cm + Meidjo 3: my workhorse backcountry ski. Got them at the end of last season and they are one of my favourite skis ever. They have seen quite a lot of ascent and descent this year.
  • Salomon QST 92 169cm + Meidjo 3: my first plastic boot tele setup that i bought four seasons ago. They've seen a lot of skiing and taken a lot of beating. Toured with them a for a few seasons before switching to the K2's. Nowadays i use them mostly for resort skiing and i still love skiing them.
  • Madshus Epoch 175cm + Rottefella NNN BC Magnum: this is the ski from where my telemarking really started. Still use them quite a lot for everyday skiing in the nearby forrest and hills. My spouse also skis these from time to time.

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