Worth it to wait for new Tx Pro?

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Re: Worth it to wait for new Tx Pro?

Post by SunnyPhilly » Sun Jun 02, 2024 12:48 pm

If you’re not too picky and don’t mind the weight, snag the current TX Pros and save some money. New models might be hard to get and more expensive. Current ones work great and are a solid choice.

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Re: Worth it to wait for new Tx Pro?

Post by telerat » Wed Jun 05, 2024 9:27 am

As others have alluded to; The new TX Pro with its greatly improved walk mode is likely a significant improvement on touring performance from anything 75mm or NTN, except for T4 and the like. The lower weight is also a nice bonus, especially with bindings like Voile Transit, Meidjo and similar.

The feeling and power of NTN is very different from 75mm in Chili, Targa, regular Switchback or similar. I have not tried Hammerhead, Axl or similar, but would expect the feeling and power of NTN may resemble those bindings in the most active positions/modes, so you could try a pair of them if you want. It was a transition going from 75mm to NTN, but now I can switch back and forth between them, even though they feel and perform very differently.

Cost is a question everyone has to decide for themselves. I would prefer boots and bindings to be cheaper, but considering the small market of telemark the prices are not too bad. NTN is slightly more expensive than 75mm, assuming the same boots was available for both systems, but lower and cheaper boots exists for 75mm. The used market, at least here in Norway, has an abundance of 75mm gear with corresponding low prices. Comparing new and used is not fair, but at least the option for cheaper gear exists until all old 75mm gear is trashed.

I have often skied in walk mode, both because I find the fixed positions on my Terminators, T2x and original TX either too far forward or back, but I also like the more free sensation on non-demanding terrain. This does not seem to be a good option on the new TX Pro. It does as the current TX Pro, have adjustable forward lean. I find higher and more supportive boots to be less tiring than lower boots when descending. Good luck.

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