Fischer BCX vs Lundhags Abisku

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Fischer BCX vs Lundhags Abisku

Post by JohnSKepler » Thu Jun 27, 2024 11:29 am

My stiffer boot thread has brought me down to the Lundhags Abisku and the Fischer BCX Traverse. I'd be getting them for the Xplore binding but it wouldn't surprise me if the fit was the same for NNNBC and 3-Pin (Fischer Transnordic). Hoping someone has insight into this comparison regarding sizing, weight, performance, build quality, etc.

I have heard that the Abisku has a wider fit and the Fischer is narrower which leans me towards the Abisku. But, the Abisku is harder to find and completely unavailable in North America. I do like the higher shaft on the Fischer as the intended use of this boot is xcD with Voile Objective and FT62 and I feel like that tall shaft with help with lateral support. In the end I'll go with the one that fits.

I'm not looking forward to playing the exchange game across an ocean. I'm sure it'll go fine, I just hate to pay shipping across the pond so, I want my first shot to have a pretty high probability of success.
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Re: Fischer BCX vs Lundhags Abisku

Post by CwmRaider » Thu Jun 27, 2024 12:52 pm

I tried a Lundhags abisku xplore but my feet couldnt get in past the arch. Somehow my feet are not compatible with them. Bummer. Thankfully this wasn't an overseas shipping item.
If you have high volume feet, beware. Someone else here in the review thread (I think) has commented that they have the same issue .

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Re: Fischer BCX vs Lundhags Abisku

Post by lilcliffy » Thu Jun 27, 2024 4:57 pm

If the Fischer Traverse is the same build as the Transnordic- the quality of the materials and construction is very poor-
for example, the "leather" is very thin and painted- it is untreatable, and will eventually crack.

I have never tried on the Traverse- but, again, if it is the same design as the Transnordic, this boot has an interior skeleton that extends into the toe box- a Telemark turn (or even a Nordic stride) results in brutal metarasal crushing/pinching- this boot is a foot hatchet.

Perhaps the Travese is a different design?

The height of the Lundhags Expedition would be very close to the Fischer Traverse/Transnordic (cannot confirm as I sold my Transnordic boots).

The Transnordic is wider and larger-volume than the Alaska XP (which aint sayin much)- smaller-volume than the standard Abisku/Guide.
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Re: Fischer BCX vs Lundhags Abisku

Post by BerryBlossom » Thu Jun 27, 2024 9:58 pm

If you prefer a wider fit and comfort, go for the Lundhags Abisku despite availability concerns in North America. The Fischer BCX Traverse offers a higher shaft for better lateral support, which could be great for your cross-country skiing plans with the Voile Objective and FT62. Given the hassle of international exchanges, aiming for the right fit from the start is crucial.

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