Rotefella freeride and freedom

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Rotefella freeride and freedom

Post by anatolewilson » Wed Jul 03, 2024 3:13 am

I’m deciding between the rotefella freeride and freedom. I get a good deal on both so def wanna go with rotefella. I’ll prob ski like 90/10 resort and bc. Mostly skiing steep stuff, hitting drops and often in park. Idk which is best. Anything helps.

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Re: Rotefella freeride and freedom

Post by Lhartley » Wed Jul 03, 2024 10:40 am

I seen a post on Instagram about a variation called the "code red freeride", with stiffer springs

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Re: Rotefella freeride and freedom

Post by waywardcyclist » Sun Jul 14, 2024 7:37 am

Seeing that you'll mostly be on the Resort ( 90/10, you mentioned) the FreeRide would be a great option. It's resort oriented but has an OK tour function.
It's pretty stout, and mounts to the ski via a plate so you can get extra mount kits and move it from ski to ski pretty quickly. This gives you options for resort/park and touring if you want to go that route. The Freedom mounts directly to the ski, so limits options for swapping easily. That said, you can just use inserts in your skis and swap the Freedoms pretty easily albeit not as fast.

Lots of springs available for both to tune the feel and for personal preference.

Others will chime in on their experience with durability long term, but my experience has been pretty positive with the FreeRide. I broke one toe cage ages ago on the original Orange version and had a welder stitch it back together. I was able to internet sluth extra toe cages so I have a couple of spares now. All the frames have held up fine for me. I'm on the smaller side though at 160/5"9 but I do ski Trees and bumps a fair bit.

One caveat for both: the threaded cable that the springs/spring box attaches to is prone to corrosion inside. A smart play is to remove the springs at the end of the season every year and make sure the threads on the end of the cable are greased. I use Anti-Seize compound rather than grease for this as it resists corrosion better. Its a real pain to cut the springs off if they do get frozen to the cables.

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Re: Rotefella freeride and freedom

Post by BerryBlossom » Sun Jul 14, 2024 10:21 pm

For a mix of resort and backcountry with park jumps and drops, the Rottefella Freedom bindings should be your pick. They offer good release for jumps and are versatile across varied terrain. Enjoy your skiing adventures!

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