A Real Wood Heat Thread (No Robots Allowed)

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Re: A Real Wood Heat Thread (No Robots Allowed)

Post by phoenix » Thu May 20, 2021 8:43 pm

Primary heat for my present abode in Vermont; an old Vermont Castings in the living room. The back up heat very seldom kicks in. Not my favorite stove, to be honest, but it works. A Vermont Stoveworks "Elm" was the sole heat for my cabin home in the Adirondacks for 20 years. Around here there's an abundance of hardwoods; I'm very fond of white birch but don't use it much for firewood... burns too quickly. Have great appreciation for the bark though, for many uses. Mostly cut a mix of yellow birch, maple, beech, and ash. Burn about four full cord a winter, both in this house, and when I was in the cabin.

Have my cutting done for this season, still have to split and stack it.

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