Skiing Terminology (Various Languages)

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Needs to meditate for a few days
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Skiing Terminology (Various Languages)

Post by Manney » Sun Aug 13, 2023 2:46 pm

The world doesn’t run on English. Only English speaking ppl think it does. LOL

Started building a list of ski terms at about the same as researching the military ski thread. Why? Because the only way to find some info was to do native language searches… and not all terms were translated correctly by Google Translate. So had to go looking for the right terms.

Built a short list… some terms may be correct, others not. No promises of accuracy… Included the transliterations because they give a sense of meaning, as idiomatic expressions often do so well.

Anyhow, posting it for additional comments from our French Canadian, European, and maybe even Asian language speaking friends. Pile on in your comments below. We can turn this into a Rosetta Stone or sorts and maybe learn something about the sport as seen through other skiers’ eyes.

Fi. Hiihto = skiing (general)
Fi. murtomaahiihto = broken country skiing
Fi. maastohiihto = terrain skiing
Fi. Metsahiitoa = forest skiing
Fi. Hiihtäminen = skiing (generally understood to be XC)
Fi. laskettelu = calculated skiing (technical skiing, alpine)

Fr. ski du fond = lowland skiing

Ger. alpine Skirennen = alpine skiing (race)
Ger. Langlaufen = long run (classic XC)
Ger. Tourenskigehen = ski touring

No. Tur og markaski - touring and cross country skiing
No. Fjellski - mountain ski 
No. Toppturski - top (summit) ski 
No. å gå på ski = walk on skis
No. Skikjoring = ski driving, using animals (traditionally reindeer)

Swe. skidlöpning = ski running (classic XC)
Swe. Skidakning = skiing coverage (general skiing)
Swe. Toppskidakning = summit skiing
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