The new Rottefella XPLORE OFFTRACK Binding System Review

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Re: The new Rottefella XPLORE OFFTRACK Binding System Review

Post by astory » Sat May 04, 2024 10:25 am

Just finished the season on the Xplore binding mounted to the Madshus Panorama 68 and using the Fischer Traverse BCX....

So... Awesome....

Absolute world changing from the 75mm rig I've been using for years. I used in rolling backcountry terrain in the Colorado Rockies and was really impressed with the experience. Can't wait to get tons more miles on them next year. Changing the toe inserts takes about 30 seconds so... Yeah... That's not really a thing for me as I figured people spend orders of magnitude more time dealing with skins so it's a net gain for me to switch toe pieces and use waxless skis.

I recommend. Highly, now that the price is going down on the bindings.

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Re: The new Rottefella XPLORE OFFTRACK Binding System Review

Post by Peter P » Mon May 06, 2024 5:23 pm

I agree that the time to swap out the flexors is not significant, especially if you happen to be stopping to swap out skins at the same time.

Interestingly, I accidentally did an experiment this winter while uphilling inbounds at Steamboat. Forgot to swap out the free flexors at the top. Had a great downhill run, on great snow. Best of the year. I didn't realize until I stepped out of my skis at the bottom that I still had the free plates in. Doing parallel alpine turns, not tele turns, but still. Goes to show you a lot of the rigidity of the system comes from the wide contact base between boot and binding.

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Re: The new Rottefella XPLORE OFFTRACK Binding System Review

Post by telerat » Wed May 08, 2024 9:16 am

Changing the flexor is as you say relatively quick, but I am not changing it for shorter descents and only for prolonged continuous ones. When attaching or removing the skins I have no issues changing the flexor at the same time, but this is for tours and not racing. Loose parts that can be lost are also not a great solution.

The standard flexors are soft, but work very well for kick and glide skiing as well as for Nordic/touring skating, and decently for downhill skiing. The hard flexor works very well for descents, but does not work for any uphill or flat skiing. I thus long for a medium flexor for more rolling terrain. The free pivot plates works very well for uphill skiing with skins, and when on top I remove the skins, change to the hard flexor, tighten the boots and shorten the poles before skiing down again.

It would be great to have a quick mode switch without removing the skis for more rolling terrain and shorter descents, but it will add weight, just like with any other binding system. I do believe a version with switch from free pivot to hard flex would not be too hard to make though. Xplore is also very lightweight, so I would likely only use such a binding version on the wider skis (~62-75mm waist) and possibly including scales.

I am not that surprised that the free pivot plates worked with parallel turns, as the binding and Xplore sole feels quite torsional rigid and without any play. The absence of play (and noise) in the binding interface is very nice and a great improvement from 75mm 3-pin bindings.

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