Voile V6 BC (fishscale version)

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Tom M
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Re: Voile V6 BC (fishscale version)

Post by Tom M » Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:02 pm

I picked the 173's based on Voile's recommendation. I weigh about 165 lbs (75 kg) all geared up and I'm 68 inches (173 cm) tall. Voile's recommended weight range for the 173's is 120 - 190 lbs. I also ski 178 cm Voile Objective BC skis with a 3 pin and soft boots. The V6's at 173 work great for me. From what other's say, the 178's might offer better high speed stability and perform better on groomed surfaces, but I'm quite happy with the 173's. Its interesting that Voile's recommended weight range is the same for the 173's and the 178's. The 173's perform like a dream for controlled skiing in fresh snow. Here is a video skiing the V6's in ideal fresh snow conditions. As you can see, I'm not lacking for float with the 173's in these conditions and my giggles in the video tell it all.

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Re: Voile V6 BC (fishscale version)

Post by gbouchard8 » Fri Dec 11, 2020 4:46 pm

Will begin my 3 season on my Hyper V6 BC. Should be on 178 but i prefer the 173. For my use in my area (Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada), fishcale is very usefull. Il like rolling hill so i only use skins when thing get very serious once in a while. usually, i climb without. Downhill, they make me look like a not too bad skier, AT or Tele. they have to be very good :D . I am more of a backcountry XC skier (since 25 years). didn't have any downhill ski experience before 2017. I learn very very slowly BUT i have so much fun with those skis!!!! Last year, i bought some Voile Objective BC 171 cm and use them instead of my Fischer Sbound98. Not much more work on the flat (Objective is even lighter) and so much more fun downhill!

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lowangle al
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Re: Voile V6 BC (fishscale version)

Post by lowangle al » Sun Apr 18, 2021 4:20 pm

I wanted to add some recent observations I've had on this ski. My wife has been out on hers about 6 times and not surprisingly loves the way they turn even compared to her vectors which she also loves the way they turn. The surprising thing was how well they toured for her. When I was on my Hyper vectors and she was behind me she consistently noticed that her glide was better than mine. From my perspective she certainly didn't have a problem keeping up and some our tours were K&G oriented, usually around 5-6 miles with the longest being 10.

My HVs are 177 with the suggested skier weight of 190lbs, with my pack I weighed about 215. Wifes V6 are 163 with skier weight of 150, she was probably about 170lbs with her pack. My HV are also relatively new with only about 20 days on them so they still glide like new. So I would have to conclude that there is not much difference in the touring ability between the V6 and HV or her origional vectors. Instead of getting the HVs I think I would have been better off with the V6s for what I do. I would also recommend going for the V6 if you don't already have a powder board in your quiver.

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