Voile Objective BC Ski Review

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Re: Voile Objective BC Ski Review

Post by Tiefschnee » Thu Mar 04, 2021 11:16 pm

I love this ski! Mounted with the OMG TTS binding, each ski weighs only 3 lb 11 oz in the 178 length. Coupled with the old Scarpa F1 boot (the one with the bellows), it makes an amazingly light, thoroughly capable setup, pleasant on the tour and totally awesome on the downhill. Making turns on Objectives is an absolute blast! I can't get over how much fun it is! For me, at 155 lbs, the fishscales are the perfect balance of very good grip going uphill and minimal drag going down. I need skins only when the trail gets really steep. Wanting to up my downhill fun, I was going to get a pair of Annums, but thanks to reviews on Telemark Talk, I went for the Objectives and I'm so glad I did!

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Re: Voile Objective BC Ski Review

Post by Stephen » Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:53 pm

This tread seemed to have stalled out several years ago — I guess Voile Objective BC comments are landing in other topics — but thought I would add my thoughts to this tread.

I wish I could remember the post that got me thinking about this ski.
At first, it was sort of a fantasy — wouldn’t it be great to be able to ski a ski like that with NNN BC and leather boots.
Then I found @Johnny’s and several other posts about doing just that.
Then, it was: Am I skilled enough to actually pull that off?
It all seemed like a stretch, but the thought wouldn’t go away.
You know how it goes: I’ll just look and see what they cost — just looking...
Everywhere I looked, they were out of stock — of course I wanted them all the more.
Weeks past, then I thought I would look again, and, what do you know, Voile had two pairs of the 178 in stock — I had to do it.

Got them, mounted the NNN BC and started using them.
At first, I liked them a lot. Soon, it was love.
They are just so much fun, and the NNN BC and leathers work well enough for me to be happy.
I’m not looking for anything extreme. I know they have more potential than I can tap, and that’s ok with me.
Have mostly been skiing spring snow, but have also been able to find some powder — all wonderful.
Anytime the snow is right, P-turns work great, which is great fun.
If the snow is softer / deeper, T-turns are the ticket.
Quick, short or tight turns.
Big, arcing fast turns.
Man, they just make me smile!
Can’t wait until I get to try them in seriously fluffy powder — but by now, that might be next year.

And the traction pattern is really wonderful.
I haven’t needed to use skins at all. It’s a little challenging on frozen crust, but I have been able to deal with that, so far.
Just great to be able to ski wherever I want without concern for snow conditions (wet, dry, warm, cold, sun, shade, new snow, transformed snow, ...) or angle.
I’m sure the traction pattern causes some drag, but I really don’t notice it — and I’m all wax for a reason on all my other skis.

Super happy I gave them a try.

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Re: Voile Objective BC Ski Review

Post by lilcliffy » Tue Mar 30, 2021 8:43 am

Wonderful stuff my friend!
Cross-country AND down-hill skiing in the backcountry.
Unashamed to be a "cross-country type" and love skiing down-hill.

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