Madshus Glittertind BOOTS! Initial review - NNN-BC

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Re: Madshus Glittertind BOOTS! Initial review - NNN-BC

Post by biocandy » Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:27 pm

That exact thing happen with my brand new glittertind boots.. After only 3 hours skiing. Did some running up the hills, but hey, I sturdy bc boot should hold up for that right? Got a new pair on warrenty and these are still kicking around :-) Would I trust them on an expedition, maybe not.. really like them though.

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Re: Madshus Glittertind NNN-BC update: more bad news.

Post by The GCW » Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:54 pm

Yesterday, My left front boot is starting to delaminate. Noticed it after getting back from being out. Recall, this happened to My 1st pair with a photo on page 2 of this thread. So this is the 2nd pair, delaminating.

This time, 115 miles, using them 20 times in 4 1/2 weeks.

I like the boot, except for their durability. A refund is available, but as bgregoire indicated they can be glued by a cobbler. That may be the route I'll go.

Today I used My old boots which have no support, so, I got out on Lake Dillon and that was excellent. These NNNBC soles are all the same, so Madshus is apparently using inferior glue. Correct?

Is the cobbler going to make them stronger? Should I then have the right boot pulled apart and RE-GLUED.?

I'M open to finding / shopping for a different boot, but that's opening up questions, time, availability and it's the end of the season.

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