Alico Ski March Boot

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by Verskis » Thu Jan 28, 2021 9:38 am

montrealer wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:33 pm

2) Bindings:
Am I right to assume that these won't work with 75mm bindings meant for plastic boots, like the Targas or the Voile Switchbacks?

I guess I'd need something like the Voile 3pin or Rottefella Super Telemark?
Should work just fine with all the 75mm bindings. The duckbill is slightly less thick than on Scott Excursions, but not so much it would lead to very sloppy feeling in non-3 pin bindings.
I have been skiing the Ski Marches with Rottefella Chili bindings without issues.

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by lilcliffy » Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:00 pm

I typically "have" to wear a size 42EU ski boot because siz3 43EU is often just too large volume (my favourite hiking/backpacking/mountaineering boots are all size 42.5EU).

I have size 43EU Alaskas and am able to get a custom fit.
I need size 42EU in Alfa and Crispi boots- otherwise, I cannot get my heel-ankle seated- they are a little short on my longer left foot.
I have tried on a 42EU Alaska and the length of the footbed was the same as the Alfa/Crispi.

I have the Ski March in size 8UK- the footbed "seems" a tad shorter than the footbed in my size 42EU boots...
I say "seems" because I have a very thick insole in the Ski March to take up its enormous volume and that may be reducing the length of the useable footbed. I will take the insoles out and see if there is still a noticeable difference between the 42EU and size 8UK in terms of length.

I have not yet managed to get the Ski March to work for- I was unable to order a medium or width.
I am considering selling my pair- barely used really.

Beautifully made boots.
VERY stiff sole.
Stiff upper leather.
Minimalist and kinda poor lacing.

If they fit- these are awesome tour-oriented Telemark boots.
Cross-country AND down-hill skiing in the backcountry.
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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by fgd135 » Sat Jan 30, 2021 11:48 am

Fwiw, my Alico Ski March boots are size "8L" on the tongue. Does this mean "8 wide"? Maybe. English sizing, not US sizing.
The heavy duty Spenco insoles(their size "3") I use in the boots also fit perfectly in my size 42 1/2 Scarpa full grain leather backpacking boots and in a pair of Alico hiking boots in US size 8 1/2.
One of my ski buddies wears a "9L" in the ski march, and his normal foot size is US 9 1/2. He has what I would call a low-volume foot and needs both the Alico thick insole and a thin Spenco insole on top of that.
Good boots, well made, if you can get a good fit. I was so impressed by them I bought a second pair!

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Re: Alico Ski March Boot

Post by Bohemian » Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:59 pm

Newly registered here, but I've been reading here for a while.
My home base now is Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic but originally I'm form Belgium.
We have hills of up to 1350m nearby along the Austrian and German borders with starting points / parkings around 700-800m above sea. You could stick to flats & rolling hills but there are also enough fun bits of downhill here & there.

Question (on topic) :
Could any of you who have this boot in size UK 7 please tell me the outside sole length in mm ?
Needed for an order of a set of BC skis with the Voile 3-pin cable traverse mounted.


P.S. FYI considering to order a set of new s-bound 98 with Voile 3-pin cable traverse, for use here in the Bohemian forest (only when there is a nice base: I'm not going to destroy these skis on too little snow!) and likely also for less steep routes in the Alps and maybe Norway some day. When there's not enough snow for nice skis I'll use up whatever old muck I have + for mostly unprepared flats I'll use old skinny strait skis with plenty camber. Got an old set of E109 waiting for me at a friend in Oslo :D

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