Asnes Combat NATO / Nansen 2-Part Pole Review

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Re: Asnes Combat NATO / Nansen 2-Part Pole Review

Post by wabene » Tue Mar 21, 2023 9:09 am

Black Diamond Traverse Pro +++++++👍

Snow baskets work well and don't easily hook on things due to their good design.

The flick lock pole adjustment mechanism is bomber.

The whole handle design is sliced bread. I would put this handle on all my poles. You can adjust the strap length even with bulky deerskin choppers on. The safety release is a game changer and works well.

Sorry to hijack this topic, but these poles have really surprised me. I had the snow basket on my old poles catch on the stub of a limb on a log next to a downhill shute. I was wearing deerskin gloves which didn't let go of the strap and my shoulder dislocated instead, bringing me to a dead stop. The BD safety release would've saved me months of pain.

In avalanche territory I would still go strapless because the safety release only works in one direction and you could still get pinned down.

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