Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by TheSweed » Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:05 pm

Would like them more downhill friendly to of course then my Excursion. We talking most of the time rolling hills and so on.

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by Woodserson » Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:33 pm

TheSweed wrote:
Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:02 pm
Hi, nice review!

I have my Fischer Excursion 88 189cm now with Riva 3 use my Svartisen 75mm(like to practice telemark)
But would like better flow if we got little more and deep snow this winter:)

Looked first at Åsnes Raab but mybe the Nosi 76 or the Stortind 86 would work better(181cm and 94kg)???
Are they any diffrent crosscountry camber and so on?
Are they us the same kind of skin? Little skeptical about the skin.... Like fishscale.
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Johnny wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:53 am
Single camber, alpine style... They sure work with kick wax... But not super efficient because of the low camber...
Skins... you only use it when you want to use it, you take it off when you don't...

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by Nitram Tocrut » Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:52 pm

TeleMarcin wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:54 pm
Hi, could someone comment on the Nosi camber ? Would It camber allow for effective use of the kick wax? Do you think It will go with nnn Bc magnum and Alfa guards?

Greetings from Poland!

I can’t comment directly about the Nosi, but I have skied the Rabb and i assume the camber is somewhat similar. I do use kick wax with them but I think the best option is to use the short skins whenever you have to tour with them. I don’t find them particularly interesting to ski any distance on the flat or rolling terrain to get to a DH playground where those skis shines. I cant tell for the Nosi but I assume it is quite similar but the Nosi is maybe slightly better as their are skimo like skis... it that is omg an assumption. For covering some distances to get to the DH playground my choice is the FT62

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by TeleMarcin » Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:42 am

Thanks for all replies. I was looking online to purchase Nosi somewhere in Europe and it appeared that I could not find it anywhere. I wrote an email to Asens and they replied to me:
"Hei hei. Thanks for your email.This Nosi ski is not produced this season, so maybe not so easy to get hold of this ski."

I think I will stay with my Ingstads this season although the GAS is strong with me. I am rationalizing not buying new Asens this year, with hope for Rotefella New Backcountry system coming next season :D :D :D I hope covid will not postpone its development.

Cheers, M

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by TheSweed » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:38 am

E-mailed too a reseller in Norway about the Nosi. He told the Nosi going to comeback in a new constractions. But couldnt say any other details about it.

So at least they have not totally dropped the plan of Nosi 76..

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by jyw5 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:47 am

I am looking to replace my S112 next season. I think the Nosi 76 might be it.

I honestly never did like the scales on the S112. Nice to have when your skins fail but when that happens, the scales arent that grippy anyway. I keep skins on for most of the late spring and summer when I use the S112.

I haven't even skiied the S112s since September. Cecilie has been my favorite this winter. The FT62 was great earlier in the season when the snow wasn't so deep. We now have icy wind crust with bottomless powder beneath...I wonder how the Nosi would do in those conditions. I am unable to ski those conditions on moderate slopes with any of my skis.

I hope Nosi returns next season. Looks like a ski I could use 50% of the time if it is similar to or better than the S112. I would give up some turning ability for more kick and glide.

Would also like to feel how different it is to the FT62.
I have not tried the FT62 yet in late spring and summer corn, mash, and crust. Would be nice to compare.

I reread all that helpful info from feb 2020. thanks for everyone's help. its been one incredible journey.

btw, I am liking my ft62 better this season...it helps to be a better skiier too.

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by Ullr » Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:17 am

I have owned the Nosi 76 a little over a year. Length is 180 cm (I am 190 cm). Bindings are Voile Traverse and I mostly use the skis with my Scarpa T4s, but sometimes with a pair of old Garmount Tour leather boots from the early nineties. The combination of Nosi an Voile Traverse is very lightweight. Even with the T4s it is light enough to spend the whole day comfortably skiing back country. I use short skins from Åsnes for the steepest hills and kickwax when conditions are good.

The skis have a fair bit of rocker and an upturned tail. This make them feel a lot shorter than they are – good for quick turns, but not perfect for fast carving turns. Together with the very low weight, this makes them a very playful pair of skis.

I have not ridden deep powder yet, but I think they will do goodm even considering their relative low width. They don’t like ice or icy pistes, being so soft, light and rockered, but in good snow they are fun and nimble.

In flat terrain or going uphill, their lightness make them good if the snow is not too deep. On hard surfaces the slip sideways having no tracking groove in the sole and they (of course) won’t fit in premade tracks, but on untouched snow they are surprisingly similar to my Ingstads.

I feel the Voile Traverse is a really god fit for these skis. I ski them with the cable springs always attached, but free resting on the skis. Then I can easily attach them when needed. If I need even more control, I replace the voile springs with harder springed cables from a pair of old Rottefella Chilli bindings.

  • Lightweight
  • Fun
  • Easy to turn
  • Access skin-inserts

  • Camber a little bit too soft for me
  • Could have been longer (for me. 180 is the longest made)
Would I recommend these skis? Hell yes! but not for cross country skiing. These are perfect for earning your turns: Find a hill or mountain, ski up, ski down, repeat.

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by lilcliffy » Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:42 pm

Thank you for the excellent review/report on these skis!
Cross-country AND down-hill skiing in the backcountry.
Unashamed to be a "cross-country type" and love skiing down-hill.

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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by rhodekill » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:43 am

Can you comment on downhill stability of the ski?

These days I am skiing mostly at the local resort-skin up tele down. I am trying a leather boot with FT62 but find it unstable on the downhill (blue trails and steeper) and am considering a wider ski vs switching to something like a scarpa T4. The nosi seems like it might be a nice size. I am also wondering about downhill stability of the T4 vs a leather boot (I have the crispi antarctic) as well as uphill cross country performance. I find the leather great for skinning due to its flexibility. How does the plastic toe of the T4 compare to the leather toe-does it change the kick and glide (I would think it would)?


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Re: Åsnes NOSI 76 Ski Review

Post by Ullr » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:09 pm

The Nosi is to wide to control with a modern leather boots in a skiing resort. Plastic is the way to go, I am afraid, or you could get a pair of Asolo Extremes from the nineties or something similar. Kicking and gliding with T4s is not perfect, but if you loosen the buckles it works ok. You will find that letting your foot and inner shoe slide a bit in the shell gives you a longer stride.

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