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TELEWIKI ★ The Telemark Skiing Wiki Knowledge Base

Post by Johnny » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:29 pm

A typical XCD skier (Hey that's me!) in his natural habitat

Ok, so what is Telemark Skiing exactly? The same thing as Free-Heel Skiing?
And what in the world is that XCD thing everyone is talking about in here?

Step into any well-stocked Telemark ski shop these days and you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and brands of skis that fall under the “Nordic ski” umbrella. Gone are the days when you could wander in, proclaim to the sales attendant that you’re looking for a backcountry ski and in a few short moments, you’d walk out the proud new owner of a pair of 210 cm Karhu XCD GT, trusty leather Merrell XCD-Legend boots and the requisite Rottefella rat trap 3-pin binders. We’re now faced with a plethora of options. Enter the Telemark Wiki Project to guide you through the dense underbrush of the Free-Heel world.

This Telemark Wiki Project is brought to you by the folks at Telemark Talk, a place to discuss all things Free-Heel, without suffixes or prefixes. We love them all here: NTN, Modern plastic telemark, XCD, Nordic Skiing, XC Skiing and even Skishoeing.

Index of topics
Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings
Bindings 101: How to mount Telemark bindings
Bindings 101: Templates, templates and templates
Boot liners, baking and molding
Cross-Country Skiing
Flex and Torsion
Free-Heel Skiing
Leather Boots
Leather Boots: Care, Treatment and Maintenance
Leather Boots: Construction, Part I
Leather Boots: Construction, Part II
Mitch Weber
Nordic Rocker
Norpine Skiing
NTN, The New Telemark Norm
Sidecut and Turning Radius
Ski Base Structure
Ski Forums 101
Skis, Types of
Telemark Skiing
Telemark Skiing, History of
Telemark Stance
Telemark Talk
Tuning and sharpening
Wax, GRIP and GLIDE. How it works (really)
Wood Skis
Wood skis Waxing and maintenance
XCD, Cross-Country Downhill
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