Leather Ski Boots & Light Telemark Boots

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Re: Leather Ski Boots & Light Telemark Boots

Post by fgd135 » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:53 pm

Well, I only wore those doubles a few times before deciding they were too short, dang it. Unfortunately a larger size was not available from the vendor. Those boots have the "telemark" sole, if I am not mistaken, which has a wedge midsole few mm thicker at the toe than the ski march boot, for more control turning, The uppers are seriously, but not too stiffly, reinforced, and very supportive. Seems much more of a boot for turning than the ski march, which is in fact for ski marching ? whatever that is, or for skiing and for marching, not sure. The double is a great touring boot for mountain conditions, ups, downs, carrying packs, etc., and colder winter weather, but not necessarily for lots of telemarking at the lifts, although it is certainly beefier than the leather boots we used when I learned to telemark at Copper Mtn in 1982. It's a leather boot that fulfills the same niche as the Garmont (now Scott)Excursion or Scarpa T4, for those not wanting plastix. But a bit heavier.
Compared to my older Asolo Summit double boots of the 1980s and early 1990s, it has much more lateral support and sole stiffness, but is not as severely stiffened in the uppers like Asolo Extremes, if this helps.

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