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XCD Knights

Post by Johnny » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:34 pm

The XCD Knights.jpg
The XCD Knights avatar uploaded on TelemarkTalk in February 2016

The XCD Knights
Source: Johnny
The XCD Knights seem to be a group of semi-anonymous ancient skiers protecting the old XCD dogma. They first posted on Telemark Talk February 2nd of 2016. They only posted 3 times, when the half-century old XCD debate was getting quite chaotic. Here is their first post:

Connyro, As LoveJohnny previously stated, XCD simply means going downhill with cross-country ski equipement. The actual location where you ski is not taken into consideration. You can do backcountry XCD just as you can also do on-piste XCD.

Best regards,

From what we know so far from the information they published, there are at least 3 different Knights: Hans, Houschäng and Gunnar. In their profile information, their interests read like this: "Preserving the sanctity of XC in XCD." Although their identity cannot be verified, they do have a valid email address and their IP address is actually located in Norway. They posted a second time that very same day at 4:48pm:
Thank you for accepting us in here. We have been watching this forum very closely for quite sometime now.

You are free to do whatever you want once in XCD mode. You're totally free. It's yours to decide.
XCD only requires having the right gear and the right way of using it.


They gave us a little bit more information about them in their third and last post, dated February 3rd, 2016. They made their mission quite clear this time, and they are obviously aware of the whole XCD drama here at TelemarkTalk and elsewhere in the world:
Good day,

Hans and Houschäng, both honourable XCD Knights of the Council in Austria, have informed me that we are to remain in contact with the members of this forum to help guide them and understand the ways of our society.

The XCD Knights, also known by other names worldwide, have been in contact with the owner of this forum and have decided that this forum is a place of acceptance and learning. We would not normally contact or speak to individuals in this manner; it has been our tradition to spread our knowledge and wisdom by word of mouth. We have known and considered the owner of this forum a credible individual with regards to our principles and trust that he will not disgrace our presence or betray our trust. We also know of the dark past of this place and have mourned the loss of many great contributors to our cause during those times.

First, we want to tell you we are not impressed by arguments over what we are and what we stand for. This is not our way. Our way is one of enlightenment and tolerance. We do not dislike other forms of skiing. I, myself, in fact, am a former FIS Telemark World Cup racer. I have a great love and respect for Telemark skiing, but my mission as a Knight is to protect the sanctity of cross-country in XCD skiing. It is our creed. It is our passion. It is our life-blood.

The fact of this matter comes from the very roots of Telemark skiing. We seek to preserve those roots and see the techniques used to ski cross-country equipment downhill world-wide.

Let me express again my gratitude for your help in spreading XCD skiing and teaching those the ways of the equipment and techniques. In time, we will divulge more information, but these things go slowly. This is our way.

Kindest Regards,
The Knights XCD of Norway
That was the very last time we heard from the Knights. Whether they are real or not can be debated. They might be a real ancient dynasty of XCD Knight Templars protecting Cross-Country Downhill against human stupidity. Or they might be just a joke from a funny member looking to create some internet phenomenon. The enigma is still unsolved...
XCD Knights IP.jpg
The IP address used by the Knights, pointing to the city of Honefoss, between Oslo and Lillehammer
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Re: XCD Knights

Post by anemic » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:58 pm

I love this.
The XCD Knights, protectors of the brand.
The mystery.
The legend.
The elusiveness.
Call it Nordic Freeride


Re: XCD Knights

Post by D'hostie » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:54 pm

Johnny wrote:Or they might be just a joke from a funny member looking to create some internet phenomenon. The enigma is still unsolved...
Not really that funny - mostly just seemed to piss people off.

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