Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I)

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Re: Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I)

Post by Bohemian » Thu Nov 16, 2023 4:59 am

Question for Rossignol BC100 180cm, model year 2021 for mounting Voile Switchback:

These skis were originally mounted with NNN-BC.
There is a small red stripe about 3-4mm forward of the real balance point (as balanced on a scraper blade).
There is also a long line across the whole width of the ski in a position which could be intended boot center.
The old NNN-BC bindings were mounted with the bar line on the small red mark, so about 3-4mm forward of BP.
Now I want to mount Voile Switchback bindings on these for my own use. I'll use these skis mostly for touring for turns as I have other fjellski for distance touring.
What's the best mounting point for my use with the BC100?
Pin line on the small mark? Pin line on the real balance point? Or go for boot center?
Boots to be used: old Scarpa T2 (2 buckle + power strap) size EU41.
Anyone out here who has skied the Rossi BC100?
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needs to take stock of his life
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Re: Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I)

Post by Manney » Sun Nov 19, 2023 10:10 am

The BC100 is a pretty conventional ski. No surprises, softer camber, reasonable area, good underfoot width etc.

So my choice would be equally conventional… toe OR pin line on the balance point. This gives you about 1” to play around with in case both skis’ balance points don’t exactly match, as happens. It also allows you to space out the binding holes from where the NNN BC ones were.

Such a mounting would probably give the best all round results touring, climbing, descending.
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Re: Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I)

Post by TwinTipTele » Wed Jul 17, 2024 8:50 am

Hi everyone, new to this forum. Sorry for the essay!

I have read this thread with interest and wonder what people think about mounting line with Rottefella Freeride NTN, orange scarpa boots (I forget the name - the popular ones) on twin tip all mountain/park skis?

I’ve got new Völkl Revolt 96s in 181 length (directional twin-tip with tip/tail rocker, no metal). They’ll be mainly for all mountain with a bit of downhill jumps/spins. One of the main reason I’ve bought them is to improve skiing switch. I currently have Line Prophet 90s, also twin tips but classic camber only/no real rocker, and the bindings on those are in a standard alpine location so back from true centre if you imagine the rear rise had been cut off (as it doesn’t contact the snow, if that makes sense?). I love them for mixed downhill conditions on and off piste, but the binding location makes skiing switch a little awkward.

The new Völkls’ mounting boot centre mark is basically true centre of the camber. Will mounting NTN boot centre on that line result in the tips diving in softer snow off piste? It’s weighing that against ability to switch ski and land 180s/540s. I’m 82kg/180lbs if that’s relevant, mondo 28 boots.

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