Mounting NNN BC Bindings - #2

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Mounting NNN BC Bindings - #2

Post by Stephen » Wed Dec 14, 2022 9:09 pm

I changed my thinking on this from the original post, and so am reposting, in case there are new comments relative to this posting. Also deleting the content of the original post, to avoid confusion.


There's been discussion on mounting NNN BC bindings related to the mounting screws engaging or cutting threads into the plastic of the binding as the screw is tightened while mounting the binding, and problems this may cause.
What can happen is that some short length of the mounting screw projects below the binding plate before the screw threads engage the ski, itself.

Because the screw is now threaded into the plastic of the binding (you will notice the resistance as you initially run the screw through the plastic of the binding), as the screw is tightened to what seems “fully tight,” there is still a gap left between the binding and the top sheet of the ski, and it's not possible to keep tightening the screw to press the binding tight to the ski.

Picture of gap between ski and binding when this happens (this is not what a correct install should look like).
NNN BC Problem.jpeg
I don’t know why the binding is manufactured this way, but have to accept it is intentional, for whatever reason, and guessing why doesn't really help.

I'm hoping to bring some attention to the problem, so others can avoid it.

I think the best advice I can offer is to make sure the binding is pressed firmly to the ski as the binding screws enter the ski, until the screw is fully tight.
If you do end up with a gap, remove the binding from the ski before the glue dries, so you can try again.

I've modified the original post to offer a simpler way of pointing out, and dealing with the issue, and hope it helps.

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Re: Mounting NNN BC Bindings - #2

Post by TallGrass » Mon Dec 19, 2022 6:24 pm

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