FS: Alfa Polar Advance Expedition Boot size 49 $300

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FS: Alfa Polar Advance Expedition Boot size 49 $300

Post by vulf » Mon Sep 04, 2023 3:18 pm

So I used these boots sporadically for a couple of years but either I am doing something wrong or the design isn't the best, or maybe the bindings I'm using are not actually compatible. I noticed that the boots were wearing through in the toe where the boot was contacting the metal collar of the binding. So the outer layer is compromised on one of the boots. Maybe it's repairable, I don't know. But I think I'm done with them. I'm moving on to the new Xplore binding system.

The size is 49, which is oversized because it's designed to be used with a liner. My normal shoe size is typically a 13/14 or 47/48 depending on the brand. My feet are 30cm long. The 49 fit me well with a wool liner and thick socks.

Asking $300, these go for about $1,300 on the Alfa website. I mostly just want them to go to someone that can use them and get a little back that I can offset my new bindings.

Feel free to ask questions, make offers, whatever.

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