A pulk walks into a bar...

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A pulk walks into a bar...

Post by randoskier » Thu Mar 10, 2022 11:26 am

But nothing funny happens.... because the other gear-laden pulk and two pairs of skis are in the clutches of the worst airline on Earth- KLM. It took KLM 6 days to move our skis and one of our pulks from Venice to Trondheim, a one stop flight (Amsterdam, their hub). They sat in Amsterdam for 5 days! They have three flights a day from Amsterdam to Trondheim- zero excuses, and the rudest CS people ever, a never-again airline. We sat on our asses for the first six days of our trip waiting for these jokers to deliver and talking to morons on their phone lines. Wideroe, the Norwegian ground staff contractor for luggage delivery, says KLM does this every single winter to almost every single flight with skis on it. If you are flying with skis don't touch KLM with a pole.

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