Wanted: group accommodation for minumum 25 pax @ Alps January 2024

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Wanted: group accommodation for minumum 25 pax @ Alps January 2024

Post by Bohemian » Tue Jan 24, 2023 1:44 pm

As all leads would be welcome I ask the question here as well:
We're looking for a holiday house to rent for a week for a group of 25-ish people, in the Alps, in January 2024.
Ski-out/ski-in or max 5min walk from the lifts/slopes.
Altitude: lowest skiable point minimum around 1100m ; highest point minimum 2600m.
Ski area must be good for both beginners and experts and in between, snowboarders & skiers ;
Walking paths & XC slopes are a bonus.
Sauna is a bonus (if missing we'd rent one of those sauna-on-a-trailer things) ;
Must have: common room where we can all sit & eat together + a kitchen adequate for cooking for 25-ish hungry sailors.
This is for our annual "sailors' ski trip": typically 25-ish people with at least 9 different nationalities, most of us know each other from the Tall Ships' Races and other sail training. Friends of & family welcome too.
If you have anything in common with us friendly and somewhat crazy bunch you'd be welcome too :D
For now we're looking for alternative houses, not that the one in Heiligenblut is no good but we've been there 5 times and it is time to at least check out what else would be possible.
Alps, preferably Austria or Italy. Slovenia could be an option too (but too low to be reliable for snow? prove me wrong!).
Slovakian Tatra could be an option too, or e.g. Zakopane in Poland.
Switzerland: only if a bargain package for accommodation & skipass is possible as everything else will cost an arm and a leg... (I know of some remarkably affordable bus trip packages from Poland and CZ to Davos of all places, so never say never, but I don't really expect anything from CH, more likely we'll end up in Austria/Italy)

Thanks for any leads!

(and if you feel like joining our crazy international bunch of sailing folk + friends of : just ask! This is my 1 week per year of using ski lifts & slopes and letting my carving board out for a spin ; for the rest I prefer XCD & AT)

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